Next Ball Drop -- End of January 2019

About Ball Drop Limited

Ball Drop Limited was founded in 2017. We aim to bring the convenience, value and novelty factor of the subscription box retail model to the UK Golfing Community.

Working in association with the leading brands in the golf industry, our aim is to make the process of purchasing new golf balls as simple and convenient as possible.

- By setting up a monthly subscription our customers will experience all the benefits of our service . . .

- No need to go online or remember to visit the Pro Shop every time you need new golf balls;
- No need to be limited to the brands available at your local Pro Shop or supplier;
- No need to “have” to order at least a dozen balls at a time – when you maybe don’t need that many;
- You get the opportunity to try new brands – which might suit your game better or provide better value;
- Additionally, some of our brands are not available in retail shops or via online retail websites – thus giving our customers a chance to try them out before they buy in bulk via the brand's own direct to consumer channel.

It’s easy to setup a subscription and we’ll deliver top quality golf balls to your door every month.

For more details on the service and how it works, please click on the FAQs link above.