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Premium Range

OnCore Elixr Golf Balls

The ELIXR is OnCore's most advanced ball to date.
OnCore built a ball for golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level.
They combined a polybutadiene rubber core, metal-infused ionomer mantle and cast urethane cover to create one of the most exceptional tour balls on the market.
OnCore's trifecta of advanced materials provide extraordinary distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club.

- 85 compression rating

- Soft feel around the green

- Perimeter weighting increases accuracy and control

- Composite core provides maximum velocity and distance

- Double Cast Urethane cover

Standard Range

OnCore Caliber Golf Balls

The Caliber is the most radical departure from traditional solid rubber core construction in nearly 30 years.

OnCore's patented hollow metal core creates significant rifle spin, while reducing side spin, allowing the ball to travel along a straighter trajectory similar to a bullet leaving the barrel.

Putting is improved due to the perimeter weighted design of the ball;

- This Caliber is ideal for the golfer who puts an emphasis on accuracy, and is designed for swing speeds under 100 mph. This is a softer version of the original MA-1.0 hollow metal core golf ball.

- 80 compression, with a 392 soft surlyn dimple pattern

- 0.9 inch hollow metal core surrounded by our SoftCell technology

- USGA conforming

OnCore Avant Golf Balls

- For the player that wants phenomenal distance, with a super soft feel.
The AVANT offers low spin off the driver and high spin on wedge shots.

- The Avant is a 2-piece ball with our proprietary SoftCell technology polymer blend, 65 compression, soft surlyn cover, and 392 dimple pattern.

- Extensive Trackman testing has shown the Avant outperforms leading brands in the market in almost every aspect ranging from distance to spin.

Developing high performance golf balls is part of OnCore's effort to grow the game and make a positive impact on the industry while supporting the next generation of golfers.

Test it for yourself...the numbers don't lie.

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