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Premium Range

The Wilson Staff range of balls are for the premium player desiring the softest golf balls as well as distance off the tee.
Wilson Staff is the leader in low compression technology.

Wilson Staff Dx3 Urethane Golf Balls

The new Wilson Staff Dx3 Urethane is the World's Softest Urethane Ball at 55 compression. This ball rounds out the Dx2 family by offering the softest feel for the better player, while guaranteeing maximum distance off the tee and best-in-class spin performance around the green.

The World's softest urethane golf ball
The 3-piece 55 compression DUO Urethane is designed for the Feel player who demands tour performance spin and the softest feel.

Inner Mantle Layer
The DuPont HPF inner mantle layer provides velocity for maximum distance.

Cast Urethane
The soft, thin cast urethane outer cover is the most premium material available and provides exceptional spin and control on approach shots. Wilson Staff is just one of three golf ball manufacturers that uses cast urethane in golf ball design.

New Dimple Pattern
The new Wilson Staff 362 seamless dimple pattern results in optimized distance performance.

Product Specs
Layers - 3-Piece
Dimple Count - Seamless 362 pattern
Cover - Cast Urethane
Compression - 55
Ball Type - Distance, Feel

Standard Range

The Wilson Recreational range of balls are for the recreational player looking for low compression golf ball options at a great value.

Wilson Staff Dx3 Spin Golf Balls

The 35 compression Dx3 Spin golf ball from Wilson Staff is the World’s Softest Multilayer ball. Featuring similar distance and soft feel characteristics inherent in the Dx2 Soft, the Dx3 Spin presents the added benefit of more greenside spin for the Control player demanding action in the scoring zone. Take the challenge and prove it to yourself why the Dx2 Soft and Dx3 Spin are longer and softer than any balls within their construction categories.

The World's softest multilayer golf ball
The 35 compression Dx3 Spin, the World’s Softest Multilayer ball, is designed for the Control player who wants greenside workability and spin but still prefers soft feel and low driver spin for added forgiveness off the tee.

Performance Triple Take
Distance off the tee combined with a favorable soft feel around the green gives Dx2 Soft the “performance double-take” mantra. Dx3 Spin is associated with the “triple-take” due to a third benefit: enhanced spin for more control on shorter shots into the green.

3-Piece Construction
Adding an inner mantle made from a soft DuPont HPF material increases spin on mid- and short-iron shots and increased resilience for ball velocity and distance. The Ionomer cover generates high-lift characteristics on tee shots and long approaches from the fairway.

Product Specs
Layers - 3-Piece
Dimple Count - Seamless 302 pattern
Cover - Ionomer
Compression - 35
Ball Type - Distance, Feel, Spin

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