How does it all work?

Ball Drop Limited provides an online Subscription Golf Ball Delivery Service for golfers throughout the United Kingdom.

Customers will be able to choose between Premium Balls or Standard Balls – then based on a fixed monthly subscription, customers will receive a sleeve of 3 top quality golf balls, delivered direct to their door. Catering for players of all levels and consumer preferences - subscribers will receive a different brand of ball each month. This will allow customers to try new golf balls, potentially discovering a ball which better suits or improves their game.

Subscribers will be charged mid-month and all deliveries will be completed by the end of the same month. The balls will be shipped via Royal Mail Parcel delivery. Credit / Debit card details will be captured during registration and payments will be processed automatically via an online payment gateway.

Subscriptions will run on an ongoing basis and these can be cancelled; options can be changed; and accounts can be reinstated at any time. Subscriptions can also be purchased as a “Gift” for a friend or family member.

Why should I subscribe to Ball Drop?

Golf balls are probably the number one “Golf Consumable” – i.e. you can’t play without them; they get lost and need replaced; they wear out over time; they are the one piece of equipment that golfers will purchase on a regular basis.

Our aim is to make the process of purchasing new golf balls as simple and convenient as possible.

- No need to go online or remember to visit the Pro Shop every time you need new golf balls;
- No need to be limited to the brands available at your local Pro Shop or supplier;
- No need to “have” to order at least a dozen balls at a time – when you maybe don’t need that many;
- You get the opportunity to try new brands – which might suit your game better or provide better value;
- Additionally, some of our brands are not available in retail shops or via online retail websites – thus giving our customers a chance to try them out before they buy in bulk via the brand's own direct to consumer channel.

It’s easy to setup a subscription and we’ll deliver top quality golf balls to your door every month.

Which balls will be delivered each month?

Ball Drop currently has access to 7 leading brands of golf balls – each catering for Premium and Standard level balls.

Each month we will select a brand to fulfil that months’ subscriptions – the brand identity will remain Top Secret and will only be revealed on delivery for that specific month.

What if I want more than 3 golf balls per month?

Not a problem – you can either add multiple subscription products to your basket or you can email us at and we’ll sort out a package and a price that suits your needs.

What if I want the same brand of balls every month?

Not a problem – if you are loyal to a particular brand, and always play the same ball - you can choose the "Select Your Own" option from the Subscribe page or email us at and we’ll sort out a package and a price that suits your needs.

Why does the website redirect when I select a Subscription option?

Ball Drop subscribes to the Cratejoy platform to capture and manage all of your account and payment details securely, so at this stage in the sign-up process, we redirect to the Cratejoy website.

Can you supply golf balls on a one-off, bulk order basis?

Yes we can – please drop us an email at and we’ll sort out a package and a price that suits your needs.

Please Note – there will be minimum order requirements for all bulk orders.

When will my Debit / Credit Card be charged?

Subscription Charges will be processed on the 15th of the Month – and we aim to have the golf balls dropped through your letterbox before the end of the same month.

Who do Ball Drop use for delivery?

We use Royal Mail 2nd Class Parcel delivery service for all of our subscription based orders. Delivery is limited to the United Kingdom at present.

For Bulk Orders – we will investigate the most cost effective and efficient delivery options and build this into your quote.

Where do Ball Drop source their stock?

Ball Drop have a number of direct accounts with some of the leading brands in Golf – these accounts are supplemented by our relationship with recognised retail partners – to enable us to provide a wide and diverse range of golf balls via our subscription service.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and updating your details - but customers who stay with us longer, will not only benefit from the full range of golf balls that we have on offer but they will also experience the best value for money based on their subscription cost.